Stage One: Confederation and Exploration(Year 1993-2001)


Year 1993

Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd. (Biolight) founded.With the courage and support of Xiaoping Deng, ex-chairmen of the People’s Republic of China and founder of Chinese economic reform, a group of well-educated and high-end technical personnel starting to establish their own corporations, and Biolight was formed under such circumstance.
Year 1994

BLT-900, first multi-colored big-screen multi-parameter patient monitor in China, and first modular patient monitor in China was introduced to public.


Year 1995

Model BLT-600, a multi-parameter patient monitor got a major national science and technology science and technology award named “Science and technology progress award of Zhuhai”.


Year 1996

The model BLT-600 was listed in the “National Torch Plan Project”.

Biolight became the first corporation that passed Germany TUV ISO9001, ISO13485 quality system certification of PS Agency.


Year 1998

Multi-parameter patient monitor, Model BLT-352 won the award of “Major New Product of Guangzhou”.

Model BLT-2000,a Transcranial Colored Doppler Blood Flow Meter got the award of “Science and technology progress award of Zhuhai” and “Major New Product of Guangzhou”.


Year 2000

The first electron colposcope in China was launched.

Multi-parameter patient monitor, model M6 won the award of “Major New Product of Guangzhou”.


Year 2001

Fetal monitor Model BTD-2030 won the award of “Major New Product of Guangzhou” and the title of “State-level new product”.

Transformed into joint-stock company after being approved by the State Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.


Stage Two: Steady Development(Year 2002-2005)


Year 2002

Biolight became the first corporation in China which got the CMD certification from China quality certification center.

Electronic colposcope Model BLT-870 was listed in the “National Torch Plan Project”


Year 2003

In order to promote the development of China’s medical device industry, speed up the industrialization of medical multi-parameter monitor, improve the level of medical care, improve the people’s health, the National Development and Reform Commission approved Biolight Technology Park, a national multi-parameter monitor industry base, to officially put into use.


Year 2004

Chinese first radiofrequency ablation of snoring treatment instrument was introduced to public.

Model BTS-1000, Snoring treatment instrument’s Multi cutter became one of the “Utility Model Patents”.

Monitoring products passed the EU CE certification,products started to export to the European Union.


Year 2005

ECG machine got the 3C certification.

Snoring treatment instrument Model BTS-1000 got the title of “Key products in Guangdong”.


Stage Three: Diversing the Products and Leading the Field (Year 2006 till now)


Year 2006

BLT Digital oxygen technology became one of the Department of Science and Technology projects.


Year 2008

Biolight bacame the first bunch of corporations that got the title of “National high-tech corporation”

Oximeter series passed the US FDA 510(k) approval。


Year 2009

World’s first wide-screen monitors, AnyView A6, was put into use.。

Based on the integrated multiparameter module technology of model BM100, The “M”series monitors won the “Zhuhai first prize of science and technology progress” award.


Year 2010

Biolight’s Life information monitor was titled as “Brand-name products in Guangdong Province”.

Multi-parameter monitor Model BTD-352A, M69, M7000, M8000, M9000 ect. were titled as “Independent innovation products in Guangdong Province of the year 2010”.

Biolight started new anesthesia field, expanded the product line, and signed up to be the UK Penlon PRIMA and SP anesthesia machine series Chinese general agent.

Got the title of “Pharmaceutical industry comprehensive strength top 50 enterprises in Guangdong” and “Medical equipment and apparatuses, sanitation materials and medical articles top ten”.

All of Biolight’s leading products passed EU’s CE certification and US FDA 510 (k) certification.


Year 2011

July 19, 2011 Biolight was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully, and stock number is 300246.。

Independently developped Digital multi channel ECGs: E30,E70,and E80, and Maternal and fetal monitors F30, F50, F80, and F90 series.


Stage Four: Look Ahead, Rapid Development and Take the High End of the Market


Nowadays, Biolight has expanded its customers in more than 100 countries and regions. Biolight’s products have been used in medical institutions worldwide. Nationally, there are company owned officies in 20 main cities; Internationally, there are salesmen and after-sales services providers going around the countried, which formed stable sales and after-sales network.


In the future, Biolight will keep diversified development, expand market coverage, build stronger service network, and become a first-class medical device manufactor internationally.